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When I decided to work towards financial freedom and take early retirement, debt was the main obstacle. So I spent many years fearful that a comfortable life in retirement will ever be possible for me and my family. Lenders had me obligated to be in a job for all of my useful productive years, working for a paycheck to ensure that I can repay the debts, especially the mortgage, and there seemed to be no way out. At one point, debt payments were nearly 50% of my income. But I was determined not to be penniless in retirement, after I would have dished out hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest to lenders for the better part of my working life. So I began to look for ways to pay off debts FAST and become debt free. Today, I am retired, having achieved early retirement in March 2020. I've helped many people start a debt destruction plan to get to where they want to be, debt free. This course is a promise to you that with your desire for financial freedom and my know how, I’ll get you firmly on that path too. PS: You can reach me at tf@tarliefrancis.com

Course curriculum

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    • Section 1: Defining the term "debt"

    • Debt; credit; debtor; creditor. What do these words mean?

    • Section 2: Good debt - Bad Debt, Unavoidable / Unnecessary Debt

    • Understanding and classifying your debts

    • Section 3: How to Destroy Your Debts FAST

    • How to pay off all your debts - a simple 6-step method

    • Section 4: Case Study - Paying off your debts

    • Case Study_Creating a Spending Plan_ Luke and Lucy_Finding your Debt Destroyer_tf

    • Worksheet: Debt+Destruction+Plan

    • Worksheet - Debt Destruction Plan for Case Study and template Personal use

    • Case Study worksheet and Spending Plan template.

    • Lessons from the Case Study: How Luke and Lucy became debt free after 9 years, despite their "paycheck to paycheck" status.

    • Section 5: Summary and Assignments - pathway to become debt free

    • Asssignment

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